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  I. 用国际音标注出下列单词中划线字母或字母组合的读音。(每小题0.5分,共10分)

  1. spoil

  2. island

  3. profit

  4. market

  5. cause

  6. scheme

  7. weight

  8. various

  9. add

  10. structure

  11. strengthen

  12. upright

  13. catch

  14. view

  15. found

  16. note

  17. area

  18. debt

  19. century

  20. obtain

  II.词汇选择填空(从每小题的A. B. C. D四个答案中选出一个正确答案,对原文不得作任何改动。每小题1分,共20分)

  1. To our surprise, she suddenly ______ in front of us.

  A. appealed

  B. appeared

  C. appeased

  D. prepared

  2. They have ______ to meet me at the airport.

  A. assigned

  B. ready

  C. arranged

  D. settled

  3. She know nothing about his journey ______ he was likely to be away for three months.

  A. except that

  B. except for

  C. besides

  D. beside

  4. Who is to ______ for starting the fire?

  A. charge

  B. blame

  C. accuse

  D. indict

  5. They ______ Tom to be their representative.

  A. selected

  B. picked

  C. elected

  D. chose

  6. The sky is _____ after the rain.

  A. clearing out

  B. clearing away

  C. clearing up

  D. clearing off

  7. He ______ to realize that he was mistaken.

  A. came

  B. took

  C. made

  D. got

  8. She was ______ hit when her only daughter got killed in a car crash.

  A. large

  B. big

  C. hard

  D. much

  9. I'm so tired I can ______ walk.

  A. almost

  B. hardly

  C. nearly

  D. probably

  10. You'd better have that bad tooth _______ out.

  A. pull

  B. pulled

  C. to pull

  D. pulling

  11. John has some trouble ________ his girlfriend.

  A. in

  B. to

  C. on

  D. with

  12. I think all this is ______ bit stupid.

  A. a little

  B. a few

  C. little

  D. few

  13. Tom and Many are going to _____ married when they return from abroad.

  A. make

  B. take

  C. get

  D. have

  14. Don't trust him _____ he says.

  E. no matter how

  F. no matter why

  G. no matter when

  H. no matter what

  15. He always keep a dictionary ________ within his _______.

  A. reach

  B. touch

  C. arrival

  D. getting

  16. I promise I'll remember ______ the book to you.

  A. return

  B. to return

  C. returning

  D. returned

  17. They _______ several extra bus lines during the rush hours.

  A. get

  B. have

  C. run

  D. take

  18. Julia _____ a pleasant hour talking with friends.

  A. spent

  B. took

  C. went

  D. cost

  19. They succeeded _____ overcoming the difficulties they encountered.

  A. to

  B. on

  C. in

  D. of

  20. I'll not go to the party _______ I am invited.

  A. or

  B. till

  C. unless

  D. when

  III. 语法选择填空(每小题的A. B. C. DL四个答案中,选出一个正确答案,对原文不得作任何改动。 每小题1分,共20分)

  1. The project _______- by the end of 1998.

  A. had been completed

  B. had completed

  C. has been completed

  D. has completed

  2. You are the only person here ________ knows me.

  A. whom

  B. one

  C. which

  D. who

  6. ________ wonderful the machine is!

  A. What

  B. What a

  C. How

  D. How a

  7. _______ genius you have!

  A. How

  B. What a

  C. What

  D. What an

  8. _______ alone, I turned on the radio for company.

  A. Be

  B. Been

  C. Being

  D. Having been

  9. I felt ______ when I watched the film.

  A. exciting

  B. excited

  C. to excite

  D. excite

  10. There _______ a TV set and a number of chairs in the sitting room.

  A. are

  B. being

  C. were

  D. is

  11. There is no use _______ to explain.

  A. trying

  B. try

  C. to try

  D. of trying

  12. He neither reads nor _______ his homework.

  A. he does

  B. does

  C. do

  D. did

  13. It was the Harvard law school ______ she graduated from.

  A. when

  B. where

  C. that

  D. which

  14. No sooner _______ that the trouble started.

  A. he had arrived

  B. had he arrived

  C. he arrived

  D. did he arrived

  15. You look awful, I think you'd better ______ a doctor.

  A. see

  B. seeing

  C. to see

  D. saw

  16. She ______ go to bed when someone knocked at the door.

  A. was about to

  B. is about to

  C. was to

  D. is to

  17. She entered the room quietly in order not to __________ others.

  A. woke up

  B. waking up

  C. being woken up

  D. wake up

  18. She was the only one ________ the crash.

  A. survived

  B. surviving

  C. to survive

  D. survive

  19. ________ religion used to have a strong hold on people.

  A. The

  B. A

  C. An

  D. O

  20. I understand you need some money. How ________ do you want?

  A. many

  B. any

  C. some

  D. much

  IV. 在下列短文的空格内填入适当的词,每格只能填一个词。 (每空格0.5分,共10分)

  Cars are ____1 important part of life in the United states. Without a car most people feel that they are _____2. And _____3 if a person is poor he doesn't feel really poor when he ______4 a car.

  There are three main reasons that the car became popular in the United States. First of ____5 the country is a huge one and Americans like to move around in it. The carprovides the ______6 comfortable and cheapest form of transportation. With a car people can go any place ______7 spending a lot of money.

  The ____8 reason that cars are popular is the falt that the United States developed and efficient and inexpensive form of _____9 transportation. Long - distance trains have never been _____10 common in the United States as they are in other parts of the ______11. Nowadays there is a good system _____12 air - service providing planes. But it is _____13 expensive to be used frequently. The ____14 reason is the most important one, though. The American spirit of independence is what really made cars ______15. Americans don't like to wait ______16 a bus, or a _____17 or even a plane. They don't like to have _____18 follow an exact schedule. A car gives them the freedom to schedule their _____19 time. And this is the freedom that Americans want most to _____20.

  V. (根据所学的课文的内容,用适当的答案完成下列句子。每小题2分,共20分)

  1. China has guaranteed that Hong Kong's capitalist economy ________ after 1977.

  2. In 1981. Leekwan Yew personally initiated _________.

  3. The first breakthrough on train was made by _____, the next contribution came from _________, and the latest supertrain is ___________.

  4. Some Asian countries are now in the market for fast trains because____________.

  5. In US - Japan trade, Japan enjoys___________.

  6. An airplane takes off when ______________________.

  7. The Americans complain that some Japanese _____________; the Japanese complain that _________.

  8. Europeans and the world all hope to emerge _____________.

  9. Singapore has to keep one step ahead of the competitors because of ___________.

  10. The two factors causing to Pakistan's population problem: ___________.

  VI. 将下列句子译成英语(每小题2分,共20分)

  1. 她靠着哥哥为她提供衣食。

  2. 没有人能对他讲的话提出疑问。

  3. 他把信丢在邮筒里。

  4. 我只知道她在中学教书,别的一无所知。

  5. 你切忌仓促做出决策。

  6. 这部电影值得再看一遍。

  7. 我要是能有办法赶走这个不受欢迎的来访者才高兴呢。

  8. 我宁可晕船也不去送死。

  9. 他的成功全靠他的辛勤与耐心。

  10. 我现在就出发的以免误了飞机。